Matthews Friends is an international network of Matthews Friends charities.

Matthews Friends New Zealand maintains that "All those with drug resistant epilepsy should be able to gain access to dietary therapies and be supplied with the correct information so that a properly informed treatment decision can be made. " -

They exist to raise awareness, and support parents and carers of children with Epilepsy in NZ. They also provide education and support to health professionals. They are active in creating materials such as books and brochures, and provide Ketogenic Diet starter packs for families new to the diet.


Matthews Friends New Zealand

Phone 021 998664
PO Box 38812
Auckland 2145
New Zealand

Matthews Friends Canada have a mission to "improve the quality of life and independence of those who are requiring the ketogenic diet therapy for epilepsy and other neurological disorders." 

They achive this through raising public awareness of the ketogenic diet therapy, providing evidence based information, support to families and patients, and supporting learning / training of health care professionals.

Jennifer Fabe BSc.MCc.R.D has been president of Matthew's Friends Canada since 2015. As the registered dietitian of the Ketogenic Diet Program in the Division of Neurology at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Jennifer has developed the ‘Low and Slow’ outpatient ketogenic diet initiation method.

Phone 289-652-1929 1-844-MFC-KETO 
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Twitter MF_Canada
4-2160 Dunwin Drive Mississauga,
ON, L5L 5M8